For Olivia, patterns and textiles are the backdrop of her most powerful childhood memories. These recollections along with her experience in textiles and relationships built in India weave together to create an inherently personal, passion-filled brand. Through Maison Venu, Olivia seeks to celebrate traditional artisan techniques with modern, original design sensibilities. She offers her audience an artful, luxury product that can be a conversation starter, the backdrop to life's memories, and a beautiful design layer to one's home.

After completing her degree in textile design at the The University of Georgia, Olivia moved to Jaipur, India to pursue her interest in the history and creation of textiles to gain a better understanding of the artisan techniques and processes behind the work. Working primarily with women block print and embroidery artisans, Olivia designed prints and finished pieces using traditional techniques and production methods. Designing and living alongside artisans who ranged from highly experienced "masterji's" to first generation printers and weavers, Olivia built life long relationships through a shared passion for textiles and fibers.

Olivia created Maison Venu in 2022 out of her apartment in New York City. Her mission is to tell a story of tradition, craft and fiber through high quality materials, thoughtful details, and colorful, artful patterns. For Olivia, Maison Venu is much more than a brand; it allows her to pursue a passion for learning from artisans who are the foundation of the design industry and feeds her constant curiosity and adoration for where her career began.

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