Telling a story of tradition, craft and material through each design

At Maison Venu, we are creators, collaborators, and storytellers. Marrying interiors and fine art, we design and produce thoughtfully curated textiles that add interest and character to any space, particularly the home.

We follow a custom fabrication process, working side by side alongside specialized artisans from all backgrounds and craftsmanship traditions. Each textile design is crafted to be unique, artful and heirloom-quality.

The intentionality of our products stems from our process. Every step is carefully executed by hand: the designs are hand drawn, the yarn is hand spun, the loom is set up by hand, the base cloth is hand woven, the dye and pigment is hand mixed, the pattern is hand printed, the quilt is hand stitched, the cloth is hand embroidered. Even when we use machines, they are hand guided.


Our process eliminates corporate interference between designer and consumer – we celebrate intentional production, traditional techniques and genuine craftsmanship of our talented artisans.

Our small batch textiles are thoughtfully sourced and manufactured sustainably. We believe the best things take time – through our authentic and relationship-driven process, we design each fabric collection as something special that will bring beauty, intrigue and sanctuary to the home for years to come.

We believe that design, just like your home, is inherently personal.

In a market environment where design can feel ‘mass’ or ‘commercial,’ Maison Venu strives to bring connected, artful and intentionally made textiles to our audience. Each collection tells a story of tradition and craft, ready to adorn interiors in thoughtful and joyful ways.